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We’ll Provide Your Dream Home.

Experience unmatched quality and dependability with our professional construction services. We bring your dream home to life with precision and excellence.

Don’t Sacrifice The Quality Of Your Home.

Choosing the wrong construction team, dealing with frustrating delays, and ending up with mediocre work can shatter your dream of a perfect home and leave you feeling lost.

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Experience The Luxury Of Great Construction.

Great construction will exceed your expectations and leave you satisfied with your home. To ensure your project's success, we offer:


Renovate your existing home to raise its quality and meet your standards.

New Construction

Let our team construct you a new home that meets all of your wants and needs.

Site Work

Our team takes care of the groundwork, making sure your home starts on solid ground.

Creating your dream home demands expertise.

We understand the dreams and aspirations that homeowners like you desire. That's why we proudly serve as your trusted guide in bringing your vision to life. Most contractors only offer the state mandated 1 year-warranty, but we offer a 3 year-warranty with every project to guarantee quality, satisfaction, and grant you the peace of mind you deserve.

What Our Clients Say About Us.

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Choosing a contractor for one of the biggest projects of your life is a HUGE deal!  I came to this project as a result of a BIG loss.  My husband, a woodworker and fine craftsman, passed away.  I made a gigantic decision to sell our home and renovate and expand a 1940’s bungalow.  Brandon Buckle and his crew not only made my dreams come true, but became like family: wonderful friends who treated each step of this journey with amazing skill, concern, compassion, and respect.  I loved them as we started….and I loved them EVEN MORE as we ended the project.  I cannot recommend them highly enough!!!

Becky Climber

Portsmouth, Ohio

Brinley Construction has completed several projects for us. They are talented, trustworthy and amazing...helped us with ideas, choosing the right materials etc.
They have always been willing to go above and beyond for us. If we change our minds, or all to the job, they don’t skip a beat, just go right ahead

Patty Arrick

Portsmouth, Ohio

Brandon and his crew at Brinley are top notch! Very meticulous about their work.

Dave Wagner

Portsmouth, Ohio

finished home

Elevate your home in three simple steps.

1. Consultation

Schedule a consultation to discuss your specific wants and needs for your home.

2. Construction

We provide a rough estimate, create a customized plan, and get started on constructing or renovating your home.

3. Completion

Our expert team brings your vision to life, ensuring your dream home becomes a stunning reality.

How We Can Transform Your Home.

At Brinley's Construction, we aim to bring your dream home to life. After an initial consultation where we'll discuss your unique wants and needs, we'll give you a rough estimate and begin work. Next, we will create a customized plan based on your specific wants and needs and begin constructing or renovating your house. Finally, after completing the construction, you can experience the satisfaction of making your dream home a reality. Your satisfaction fuels our dedication, and we're committed to empowering you with a home that exceeds your expectations.

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